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Module for Wearable ECG Patch

Module for Wearable ECG Patch

Regular price £399.00

Keep a check on your health using the Yecco Wearable ECG Patch, simple and easy to use

NOTE: Module works with the Disposable patch

 Module: £399.00
 Disposable Patch: £59.99/piece

 The HealthPatch detects the following vital signs and biometric measurements:

• Single-Lead ECG
• Heart Rate
• RR Interval
• Heart Rate Variability
• Respiratory Rate
• Skin Temperature
• Body Posture
• Fall Detection
• Activity including Steps

• ECG electrodes to detect heart rate
• 3-axis MEMS accelerometer to detect motion
• Thermistor to detect skin temperature

• Gentle Grade: silicone adhesive, low skin stress during removal, recommended for low activity, low perspiration levels & low humidity levels, may be reapplied to dry skin
• Active Grade: hydrocolloid adhesive, recommended for moderate to high activity, moderate perspiration & moderate humidity levels, single use adhesive

• Disposable zinc air battery
• Battery life of 3 days with ECG and 4 days without ECG

*Gateway sold separately.
**Requires Bluetooth 4.0

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